How To: Recognize schizophrenia symptoms

Recognize schizophrenia symptoms

Recognizing the signs of schizophrenia is the fist step toward getting help and proper treat for a loved one with this serious mental health affliction. With proper medication and therapy schizophrenia can be controlled so check for and understand what to look for.

Schizophrenia is a serious brain disorder that requires lifelong treatment. There are many types of schizophrenia, so the symptoms will vary.

You Will Need

* Doctor
* Research
* Family member

Step 1: Watch for outbursts and social isolation

Enlist the help of a doctor, or research the signs of schizophrenia. Watch for angry outbursts, catatonic behavior, and social isolation that may occur suddenly or develop gradually.

Social isolation can lead to depression.

Step 2: Look for signs of anxiety and loss of appetite

Look for signs of anxiety, changes in personality, and a loss of appetite.

Step 3: Look for lack of facial expression and monotone

Look for a lack of facial expression or a monotone way of speaking.

Step 4: Watch for signs of hallucinations

Watch for signs of hallucinations, which may include hearing voices or sensing things that are not there.

Step 5: Watch for memory loss

Look for memory loss. A person afflicted with schizophrenia may have a difficult time speaking or organizing their thoughts.

Step 6: Look for signs of clumsiness and involuntary movements

Look for signs of clumsiness, involuntary movements, or repeated movements.

Step 7: Alert someone

Alert a doctor or family member of someone exhibiting these symptoms.

Approximately 2.4 million American adults have schizophrenia.

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